Cappuccino Dark 24X24x5/8 POLISHED

Cappuccino Dark 24X24x5/8 POLISHED
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Stone Name: Cappuccino Dark
Color: Dark Brown,white
Surface Finishing: Polished
Stone Form: Tile
Type: Marble
Place of Origin: TR

Technical data:Compression strenght: 1120 Kg/cm2; Bending strenght: 72 Kg/cm2; Porosity: 0,4%

Hardness  (Mohs)  4-5 

Unit Volume by Weight  (gr/cm 3 )  2,67 
Water Absorption at Atmospheric Pressure  By Weight(%0)  0,1 
By Volume (%0)  0,4 
Water Absorption at Boiling Water  By Weight(%0)  0,2 
By Volume (%0)  0,5 
Porosity  0% 0,4 
Compressive Strength  (Kgf/cm 2)  1.120 
Compressive Strength After Freezing  (Kgf/cm 2 )  1.125 
Strength to Blow  (Kgf/cm 2 )  2 
Strength to Bending  (Kgf/cm 2 )  72 
Modules of Elasticity  (Kgf/cm 2 )  47,9x10^4 
Ratio of Fullness  0% 98,2 
Degree of Pores  0% 1,82 
Average Abrasion Strength  (cm 3 /50cm 2 )  14,7 
Average Tensile Strength,  (Kgf/cm 2 )  653 

SiO2  0,15   
Fe2O3  0,15   
CaO  55,6   
MgO  0,25

Marble Tile Note: Natural marble stone products are not man-made products, so texture and color variations will be different than each other and and advertised picture.
Please check marble tile quality scale page for more information. 

Material TypeMarble

24x24 tile size is most popular choice for mid-size indoor/outdoor application. If your application area more than 500 sq.ft we do recommend 24" size. For larger areas you can select bigger tile size. 


Polished mean tiles are shiny and reflective. Tile surface is processed with high ratio buffers. Polished marble and travertine tiles creates luxury ambiances.